One of my favorite beverages is tea, my mom and I drink tea regularly so we have this water boiler and warmer that is amazing. Recently, it has stopped working quite as well but since we’ve had it for almost 15 years I’d say it’s worth it. Tea is a very important part of my life as I’d say it tastes far better than coffee and has cultural significance. One of my favorites during college was the Numi Chinese Breakfast Tea since it lasted quite a while and it was cheap for my budget.

As a child, I would go to DimSum places with my parents and have Chrysanthemum tea which I have recently found out that it is good for combating liver problems. Apparently, it helps metabolize ethanol faster which might be good for some of you. Tea just reminds me of my childhood and the weird looks I would get when other children would see me eating flowers (I would bring the dried chrysanthemum in a thermos of hot water and drink tea in class during middle school). There are so many uses for tea so it makes me feel better regardless of the childhood bullying and when I am sick my mom would make me lemon ginger honey tea. I sometimes get to sleep better with chamomile tea. On days when I need to be alert but I do not want caffeine I drink peppermint tea. In Kunming, China they use Puer tea for better digestion. These associations with tea have left a great impression on my life and there are a number of health benefits. The antioxidants are often associated with disease management. Let me know what you drink and how you may use tea! I’d love to hear what you know and if you’re a coffee drinker, convince me to try it sometime.

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