While I like to visit restaurants and food trucks while I travel, I still try to maintain a healthy lifestyle at home and I often meal plan for the week. It’s often time consuming but when you get it all done in one day (usually Sunday), you can have the rest of the week free from the hassle of preparing food. One of the best tools to have when you meal prep for the week is a rice cooker. I personally have a 3-cup one from Tiger brand since it was just for me during college.

I would advise getting a larger size for more meals since my little one does not have the capacity for more than 5 meals. Other rice cookers that might be good are from Zojirushi. I linked the one I really want after my 5 year old Tiger stops working. The rice cooker is so amazing and has not failed me yet so I hope it will continue to serve it’s purpose until I have the money for a new one.

Zojirushi NP-HCC10XH Induction Heating System Rice Cooker and Warmer, 1 L, Stainless Dark Gray

In any case, I usually cook about 3 cups of uncooked brown rice 2 times for the week. It takes about 30 minutes for the rice to cook each time depending on the setting and the cooker you have. First you have to clean the rice by rinsing it 2-3x and then pour water until the 4,5 cup mark in the cooker. Since brown rice is a bit drier it needs a bit more water than white rice per cup.

Once cooked I separate equally into 10 glass lock containers.

Image result for glass lock meal plan containers

(I have these ones but I linked another above since I thought they would be cheaper and more useful for meal prep.

While the rice is cooking I usually cook my Costco sized bag of broccoli, french beans, snap peas or whatever green vegetable I chose to eat that week. The green vegetable will be added to the containers along with the rice. I usually make an additional article of food to this simple meal plan which might include peppers, onion and edamame, mushrooms, tofu or anything else I have in the kitchen. I then add this to the rice and green veggies in the Tupperware. In the future I will post more about the specific recipes I use to complete a meal plan and maybe videos or more photos. Definitely comment below if you’d like more content like this.

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