Hi everyone this is not actually about medicine it is a poem I wrote for someone while I was falling in love. I just decided I would share it with everyone especially since this is a time of strength and I feel my vulnerabilities are a source of strength. Enjoy the read and let me know if you ever use it, I’d be so happy to hear someone decided to use my writing to express their love.

Heart Transplant

I’m not certain at what time,
you committed this cunning crime
You have stolen my heart
Like a thief does with fine art

When we reunite I feel it returns
Accompanied with stomach churns
It is not the only complication
Since my heart has palpitations

With each embrace, I feel it flutter
As the rest of me, melts like butter
Your kisses, while they are so sweet
Make it skip a systolic beat

I’m sure if I were to read my EKG
I’d have a fib to the first degree
As a doctor, I must find a remedy
Aspirin or fibrolynic therapy?

There’s no relief from this solution
It’s not the correct treatment execution
I realize now what I must do
I give my heart back to you

It seems I was the original crook
I didn’t even know what I took
After a careful review
I see my heart belongs to you

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