So…I realize that I have had this blog for 2 years now and I have posted quite a few things for me but my medical school sections are really to give you guys information about my journey and potentially help you along the way. I have been writing posts semi-regularly just to share my experiences and help people along their journey whether you are a premed or med student or just here to read some of my creative writing or learn some recipes. I post a lot of random stuff that I hope is helpful to the world but I realize my blog has no real focus outside of me trying to be helpful.

At first my goal was to just introduce as many topics as possible because it is kind of a lifestyle blog, but as school has become more intense I geared a few more posts about my journey and my learning process. I really just want the blog to grow into a space where I can just give you as much information as possible. There is more to come like Army residency information, How I applied to HPSP and DCC/BOLC information and I would love to have the motivation to post it all.

With my mission of just trying to be helpful in mind… I realize that I am bank rolling a nonprofit and it is accruing a deficit since I don’t really make money from affiliations or advertising. I don’t have that much traffic, but I was hoping with the traffic I do have, I could get a few donations (new widget at the bottom of the site) that would really help me out in terms of expenses related to blogging. One of the expenses is site hosting I am currently using sitegrounds which increases in price over time. I mean if you want to make a blog too you can use the link and we could get a deal together.

Anyways… I built this blog by buying a domain from google, you can also get it from GoDaddy or Bluehost but I chose google because it just seemed easier. After you register your domain you can get site hosting to keep your website running on the interwebs. I am not really sure how this works, it’s kind of voodoo magic to me but it worked and somehow my words are all over the internet. I think there are tons of hosting sites and I was honestly going to switch to FatCow but I heard they don’t have fast servers and learning how to back up my WordPress site which should only take an hour has taken me a lot longer because I don’t have the brain space after hours of studying hahaha 😅… I feel like I need to learn more about this but as a medical student I have very limited time and I already do so much outside of school to keep me sane. So… while this is a blog post about how I started the blog it is mostly a plea for donations or for someone to transfer my blog for me. I feel like I need to admit when I need help myself and this is one of those times I am brave enough to post about it.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading and I really appreciate everyone!

I hope I can give you enough inspiration to do anything you want because I definitely need that same inspiration sometimes. I love you all!