As someone who shopped months ago, I had the dilemma of finding the right gift. For those of you who procrastinate, here are some gift ideas that might help. It’s sometimes hard to shop for family and friends since they tend to have everything they need. I like to get gifts that people will use and maintains a somewhat healthy holiday (avoiding all the chocolate and cookies (click here and here if that isn’t a problem). My stepfather often says he prefers getting underwear (Best underwear I have gotten him here) and socks (these merino wool socks are amazing) since they are things he forgets to buy. However, this year I was able to get unique gifts that might be fun for the family and friends.

Take them out-For My Brother

One thing my brother is interested in is musical theater so I bought a set of tickets to “The Book of Mormon.” If you have a sibling interested in music or comedy or any sort of event such as sports games I would suggest buying a set of tickets for the special event. They will remember the gift and the event. It is fun to maybe even go with them. I’ve used Ticketmaster, stubhub and SeatGeek.

Practical Person-For My Mom

My mother is a very practical woman and she likes gifts she can use on a regular basis. I got her some special shampoo and conditioner that strengthens the hair (the one I bought here) and a molded cup sports bra (Jockey has pretty good ones here). She’s a very active person and shampoo is something everyone needs. My mother is also an amazing cook and in the past I have gotten her:

1. Set of Knives (The zwilling tends to be far superior to the international however it is about $80 more)

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Knife Set

2. New Sturdier Pots and Pans (T-fal has done us well and they are resistant to scratching) Buy it here

T-Fal Cookware

3. Spice Rack (Kamenstein’s racks come with refills for 5 years!! however I go to Sprouts or a bulk foods store to refill my spices)

Kamenstein Spice Rack

4. Dutch Oven or Crock Pot and Pressure Cooker (We are a crockpot family so we make our chili and stews in there plus the one I got has multiple settings)

The multifunctional crock pot

5. Stovetop Cleaner (This gift is a must and the one we have has an amazing scraper for those times food gets baked on)

6. Food Processor/Meat Grinder ( Cuisinart has a sturdier stainless steel model but this is a much appreciated time saver in the kitchen for dicing and slicing onions regardless of the price. I hate tearing up after chopping onions) Note: there are cheaper available options but we had a hamilton beach one and it broke within 3 months.

7. Pasta Maker (We don’t make pasta often with this but we do make ramen, it beats taken forever to hand pull noodles the right way)

8. Kitchenaid Mixer (to be honest my brother and I use this more often to bake cakes and pies but my mom will occasionally whip it out to make dumplings or other mixed up Asian foods)

9. Kitchen Scale (It’s much easier to measure things to proportion using a kitchen scale as compared to other methods plus it’s great for meal plans and dieting)

Besides the kitchen accessories my mom just prefers daily use items such as toner, cleanser and even toothpaste. It’s safe to say anything that is adult-like is something my mom would appreciate.

Recreational Guy-For My Stepdad

My stepdad is so sweet and usually just buys anything he wants and needs at the blink of an eye. His gift this year was a fisherman’s log. He’s an outdoorsman who hunts, fishes and needs gear. However he also likes some casual gaming, whether it is a video game like Dishonor or a board game he will appreciate it.

Techie- For My S.O.

I find significant others easy to shop for as techies are always needing new gadgets and accessories, however the techie is also one of the pricier people to buy for. I found some really nice speakers at TJMaxx for $24.99 and later found the same model on Amazon for over $80 (check it out here). While speakers might be a cop out, other gifts I have given or considered include:

1. A smartwatch (specifically this one we are very much android people but apple watches seem to be popular gifts for techies too)

2. PC monitor ( we like Sony or Viewsonic but any monitor should do, make sure you know what size they can fit in their set up, my S.O. wanted a 27″ one

3. Extra RAM (newegg has a bunch but make sure they are the right size teeth for the rigg)

4. Amazon Echo/Google Home (Every techie wants to have a smart home it’s something that makes life easier and lazier) for the Echo, they now have the cheaper echo dot which has less premium functions and a echo premium with better sound but my S.O. preferred the original design. The google home is about the same price currently and offers a similar service/ product. I like it better than the echo in terms of design and it has more partnerships with services like Netflix. (Click here to find out more)

Image result for google home

5. Wire Organizers (Anything from cable clips to zip ties and twist ties are helpful for organizing a slew of cords everywhere)

Cable Clips - Cable Organizer - Cord Management - Wire Holder System - 6 Pack - Self Adhesive - Durable - Model CC908 From Blue Key World - Christmas Gift Ideas for Men, Women, Dad


6. Smart Lock (More Smart home items, however I find it frivolous).

7. Gaming Keyboard or Mouse (Razer is the brand that most gamers agree upon however there are quite a few budget options if you don’t get one of the razer models.)

8. LED lights (They are always fun decoration for tech set ups and if not they are nice for anyone’s room)

Beauty Princess-Grandma or BFF

One of the things I did to save money this year is pull out unused yarn and knit scarves and hats for these individuals. I also find that they love lotions, perfumes, bags and jewelry. Ross/TJMaxx/Marshalls etc are the best places to shop for these particular items. Sometimes there are nice makeup sets and brushes from brand names there too.

The Hobbyist-Myself

Let’s face it, holiday shopping is really an excuse to buy gifts for yourself after you’ve gotten things for others. I personally have had this trouble where it is about a 1:1 ratio for others then myself. This season I have gotten myself quite a list ranging from cheap stickers to $90+ knitting needles ( I have also been eyeing another travel backpack. This obsession with participating in different hobbies has filled my living space with rock climbing gear, gloves, grip aids, crafting supplies and so much more. A hobbyist like myself will enjoy anything related to their niche regardless of how small.

Regardless of the gifts you decide to get, it’s always nice to spend time with those you love. I hope everyone has a lovely holiday season. Happy Holidays!

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