You know those things you read about on the internet and you think to yourself “No way, that would never work.” Well this might be one of them for you but for me it is something of a placebo and a little bit of truth. I believe people say that ginger has some anti-inflammatory properties and I will try to find proof and link it. Apparently it helps with digestion and GI struggles, I just learned about the GI in my classes and I feel like they don’t really teach you how to regulate things like this.

In any case, I have been drinking this “tea” to make my tummy feel better and if you’re a lady, it kind of helps with cramping too. My mom used to make it for me and I’m pretty sure my aunt made it for her. It’s like a generational tradition, and I just wanted to share it with you all.

It’s really simple and here is how you make it.

You boil some chopped ginger root (3 inches or so) in 2 cups of water with some dried Chinese dates or jujubes is what they call them (2 oz). Boil and cover for 10-20 minutes depending on how strong a flavor you’d like it to be. It gets to a lovely brown color and that’s when you know it’s done.

You can add your choice of sweetener. I normally use agave nectar and lemon, but anything works. I think my mom really likes honey. Make sure you have it hot or at least warm for the best effects.

I hope you enjoy the tea and find it beneficial. As always thank you for reading!

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