I have a slight addiction to glasses and I admit that it might be a little excessive, but when they are so cheap it’s really easy to buy another pair and another and another.

I know I wrote about this almost a year ago (link here) but I cannot recommend enough! (Click here for $10 off your first purchase) I am addicted to getting glasses and changing my frames on a daily basis. I probably have 10+ pairs of frames and I am not ashamed. My friends compliment me on them regularly and I am always so excited to tell them that I paid like $20 for a pair of glasses. They are so cheap and they are quite well made for their price. The quality is similar to any $100+ pair of glasses I got at the optometrist years ago. They also have a program where every time you buy a pair of glasses they give a pair to someone in need. As I speak they have a buy one get one free deal going on right now and I am probably going to buy more… not even joking.

These are the ones I currently own and wear on a regular rotation. I will also provide the links in the captions if they are still in stock.


First Light




Sea Breeze




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