Self-validation is a skill I need to find. I am constantly searching for approval, whether it is from friends, mentors or parents. I have always been the type to ask “Is what I am doing ok?” I was speaking with a counselor and she validated me too when I asked her about my daily habits. She made me aware that I have a strong sense of responsibility to others, but I think I need to shift that to myself. Don’t get me wrong, having that obliging tendency is great in work environments, but I believe self-validation is a form of confidence we all need.

I recently read Jen Sincero’s book “You’re a Badass, How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life.” It was essentially a guide to loving yourself and changing your thinking to improve your life to the way you want it. One part of that is self-validation. With this skill, you are more deliberate in the things you do and that sparks change!

I started this blog to write my thoughts as well as help others and I don’t need anyone to actually read it to feel like I have accomplished something. I know that it might defeat the purpose of the blog itself, but it is one way I push myself to continue writing. I never would have taken the leap if I had listened to some others saying that a blog was a waste of time or that it will never amount to anything. I am proud of this instance where I felt like I was doing something right for myself. Take the leap and do something for yourself without any regard to what others will think. Once you’ve done that you will feel so liberated, like I do when I make myself aware of how much I was doing for others.

I hope you enjoyed reading! I just had my white coat ceremony and it had me thinking about my accomplishments and how I got here. Hopefully, this is advice that can lead you to your dreams as well!

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