I know the title of this is the same as that song that reminds you of teenage angst. You know that very one that makes you feel like a child again? But this is about stagnance. Not how Chester Bennington felt when he was trapped. It’s about the feeling you get when you don’t have a project in mind and there isn’t a goal.

It’s a little like depression without the sadness. You just let life move on while not feeling attached to anything. Everything lacks passion.

It’s the feeling after realizing you are alone in the world and you only have one person to keep you accountable for anything.

Parents, those who used to nurture and support you no longer worry about you. In fact, you now realize they used you as their project to keep them from feeling it, but without them… you feel it.

Sometimes you feel it after you have an epiphany about your friends. How quickly they forget! You thought you were close, you built so much rapport and now that’s gone.

It is not synonymous with loneliness because that would imply negative emotion. It is just empty, but why is feeling it such an oxymoron? Shouldn’t you feel nothing?

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