Our eyes meet. My heart suddenly increases its pace and I feel the warmth of the blood flow across my chest. Uncertain if the physiological change is from nerves or something more. For some reason my eyes continue to follow your gaze as if magnetically attracted to your face. Your dark eyes seem to grow darker as your pupils dilate. I notice a smile curl on the corners of your rosy lips as I also feel my own muscles lift the corners of mine. A rush of blood also floods my cheeks and I know I’m blushing. My palms begin to sweat profusely reminding me of Eminem lyrics. I have definitely lost myself to the moment just as the song describes. Just as quickly as our eyes met I avert my gaze. Looking down as if embarrassed and surprised. My hands reflexively cover my cheeks trying to hide the inevitable change in color.

For that moment I wonder if you’re feeling the same.

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