You are in a dimly lit room. The music booms. Neon lights flash all around. A sweaty smell of alcohol permeates the air. The drop is about to play and you can feel the tension. The lights flash between each beat. The vocals come in periodically and you feel a rush of emotions spreading within you. In some way you feel alone… the only one there

People are all around you; girls scantily dressed are dancing without a care in the world and the guys are surrounding them with a drink in their hand and glowsticks around their necks. Everyone smells of sweat, alcohol and the musky scent of marijuana.

While the room is full of people, sounds and smells, you feel a little out of place because you don’t know anyone. It’s like you are outside looking in. This is the most alone you have ever felt in a place so populated.

When you feel this way… just remember, this is a privilege because no one is judging you. It’s an opportunity to open up, let loose and have fun. You can join the crowd by sharing a common goal–to have a good time. If you remember this, you’ll never feel alone, we are all dancing for one purpose and in unity. Your muscles allow your body to sway and bounce to the beat. You stop caring what you look like while you are moving and then you start to notice the loneliness becomes euphoria.

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