I know it’s been a while since I posted some thoughts, but I feel so free now that my finals just ended. That invincibility I feel is not always going to last but I will relish in that feeling for as long as I can. I recently went to a comedy show and I was inspired to write. I started writing a comic set and more haikus on my Facebook and now I have returned to my blog.

The topic of the day is the idea that I love overcoming my fears. I think it’s one of the reasons why I finally got into medical school, how I got my military scholarship and how I found my favorite hobby. At first I was so afraid to write my secondary essays or completely embarrass myself during an interview. That was the fear holding me back from success! As I have previously mentioned I applied 3 times and I know that my first few attempts were clearly unfocused and riddled with fear. I am so happy and passionate about medicine now and more than ever. Even when I have to work as hard as I do and give up as much as I have I know that I am grateful. If you have an inkling of something just do it! Nike’s slogan is so good and it applies to everything.

I still get the feelings of hesitation sometimes but I know that when I just go for it, I have felt the happiest. I went on the internet during one of my planned study breaks and decided I wanted to travel for my week off and I bought tickets right away. Of course I had some hesitation in the beginning because of money and the fear that going alone might not be as fun, but based on my track record, I think that it’s been the most eye opening experience of my life. Going alone allows you to release your inhibitions and just feel what’s around you. My trip to Bali and Vietnam was an indication of this and I use that as a precedence. That’s not to say you can’t have a bad experience, but the universe has a way of making the best of most situations. It’s really about perception. Every time I have stepped outside my comfort zone I have come out a better person.

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