The rain continues to drizzle. Misting up the sidewalks. Every direction looks as if there is a dense fog. I am still outdoors, the sky is grey and heavy, progressively getting darker.

The denim flannel and black shorts I have on are dripping. The temperature dropped significantly. All across my body, I feel the water gliding down my skin. It is cold. As some of the water evaporates, it feels even cooler. I notice the cold but I try to ignore it. I am in a hurry to find the station. A rush of panic takes hold since the next train is the last one for the evening. I am afraid. Afraid that I will have to spend the night in this foreign country alone at the train station. I begin to run and as I run the rain beats on my body even harder. The drops splash over me with greater force.

In the distance, I see the orange and white brick building. I breathe a sigh of relief while running towards the glass door. As the door swings open a rush of cooler air envelops me. My body shivers in surprise. A bell sounds and a train pulls up. The sound of the break releasing pressure from the pistons echoes through the station. I rush onto the train.

I take a seat on the red plastic benches. The air vents on the train are blasting due to the expectant heat of summer. I am reminded of how frigid my body is.

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