I was inspired to write this post after I met someone who missed an event due to her car troubles. I had asked her about whether or not her tire pressure light was on and surely enough it was. So if any of you have this light on please do something about it. For those of you that may not know what this light looks like refer to the image below.

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Making sure your tires are properly inflated can keep your tires lasting longer as well as keep you safe. During the winter months it is imperative to check and fill your tires, otherwise there might be internal damage done to the tire when driven on flat. Remember those chemistry classes in high school, where you learned Gay-Lussac’s Law of Pressure and Temperature of a gas. The pressure and temperature are directly proportional and therefore as the temperature drops the pressure drops as well. So again, check your tire pressure whenever it gets cold or hot. You can check by using a tire pressure gauge such as this one .

Or if you want to be fancy you can get a digital one.

As you can see they are not very expensive and could save you a lot of trouble. Another tip I have learned is going to Discount Tires or Costco’s Tire Center. They will check your tire pressure for free!!! That’s one of the freebies of life I really enjoy, since I want my car to be functioning properly.

One other way to gauge tire pressure before the sensor even goes on is by using EZ read tire caps. It changes color when the pressure changes. Green means optimal pressure while yellow to orange is low pressure.

Once it is too late, you can tell by the wearing of the tread. The guide below will indicate why the wear and tear is the way it is.

Image result for car tire due to low pressure

The only thing to do when your tire is busted is to buy new tires which can cost you anywhere from $100-$300 per tire.

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  1. Sis this is a whole word! We have to use wisdom with these things. People put it off but science is science! physics is physics! lol I appreciate this post

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