A great way to start the new year is to clean up and get organized. One of Chinese traditions for welcoming a new year is to clean and sweep so that the misfortunes can go away to make space for fortune. A good way to make more room and decrease clutter is to have designated places for all of your belongings. I know I struggle with organizing my stuff since I have been hoarding all the things. My varied interests have allowed me to accumulate books, beauty products, games, craft supplies, work out gear and so much more. All of this stuff takes space and organizing that space as well as making room by throwing away what has not been used is a great start to having less clutter. Here are a few organizational tools I have used in order to have a more presentable home.

1. An Ottoman with storage (Click Here)

Click Here for this one

These ottomans are great for putting books, craft supplies or even shoes. My family uses the space to put on shoes and store them when we are done with them. It looks clean and is additional seating space when needed.

2. A storage shelf (Click here to purchase)

These have become the most popular shelves for storage as well as decoration. It’s easy to customize with different colors of compatible cubes or you could leave the space open with knickknacks and other decorative pieces. I use mine for books and copy paper.

3. Acrylic Storage Drawers (Click Here to purchase)

While these are great for putting makeup, I also find them great for putting my Birchbox Samples (Click here if you’d like to get a Birchbox subscription and 50 extra points). This means skin care, makeup tools, brushes etc. The drawers make it easy to see where your products are and readily accessible without any clutter. Additionally you could put accessories like sunglasses or earrings in here.

4. Jewelry Tree (Click here)

Speaking of earrings, a jewelry tree like this definitely helps keep the bracelets and necklaces from tangling. It’s a cute way make your jewelry a decoration in your room rather than a rat’s nest.

5. Hangers for more than one article of clothing (Click here)

I never feel like I have enough closet space and these hangers allow me to utilize the vertical space rather than the horizontal space in my closet. I put pants, belts and scarves on these and it gives me room to store more of my endless piles of clothing.

6. Desktop Organizer (Click here)

If you’re a student, like I am, then you spend a lot of time at your desk. I like to keep a few books well as my stationary, pens and extra papers on my desk for easy access. I also keep a 3-hole punch, tape and a stapler in my organizer since I use those often. Sometimes the desk can get extremely messy but with this organizer, you can keep it nice and tidy.

These are my tools for organization. What are some things you use to get your space organized. Let me know in your comments below! I would love to hear from you.

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