Hello! Welcome to A Life In Air. My name is Annie and I hope to share various aspects of my life whether it be the food I eat or the adventures I might embark on. I am a young twenty something hoping to be a doctor and I wanted to delve into blogging to record my experiences. After all that is what a blog is (weblog=> eblog =>blog). 

I am starting A Life In Air because I was hoping to lighten the frustration and stress during the times when people need a little guidance and motivation to continue their goals and dreams. I came up with the name because I have always felt the fear to fall from any heights whether it be a physical height or a figurative one. I am learning to feel comfortable with life being up in the air and I hope I can help anyone feel that security in unexpected situations as well.

I dabble in aerial arts, indoor rock climbing, crafts, cooking and travel. My life is a myriad of hobbies and interests though writing has not been a strong suit of mine in the past. I hope to improve myself on this new journey, sharing my experiences and thoughts with the world of the internet just as the cloud.